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By the Numbers: Research

Strategy: "Do Your Homework" and "Knowledge is Power"

The two concepts create the fundamentals of any negotiation, and in media placement, it is key to understanding how to price the market when dealing with broadcast sales representatives. The standard measurement is a CPP -- otherwise known as a Cost Per Rating Point based on specific demographic requirements. Other guidelines to measure are reach, frequency, average unit rate, prime spot placement percentages, additional "value-added" opportunities that include on-site promotions, on-air promotions, on-line promotions, hard-goods (tickets to entertainment, sporting events) merchandise, and much more.

Research in BookOh yes, everybody is number 1! How many times have we heard that statement from radio and television stations? If a station "lives" by the ratings, they will certainly"die" by the ratings, too.

Game Plan Media will utilize all research resources in our customers' markets to maximize the best value for their advertising investments. A few of these research tools are listed below:

  • Arbitron Radio Ratings Reports
  • Nielson Television Ratings Reports
  • Scarborough Qualitative Lifestyle Profiles
  • Maximizer Zipcode and County By County Radio Audience Profiles
  • Radio Advertising Bureau web site information
  • Television Advertising Bureau web site information
  • Radio and Records On Line Monthly Trend Reports
  • Simmons National Qualitative Lifestyle Profiles
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