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A truly great team relies on various players with unique skills to contribute to its overall success. Game Plan Media "coaches" your "players" toward a winning record.

Baltimore Advertising Agency Services

1. Market Research for all media – primary specialties Radio, Local Network TV, Cable

2. Demographic Research – quantitative: population figures and qualitative: geography, income levels, etc. analyzed to reach best target customer.

3. Pricing – negotiating competitive rates through previous background in sales/management

4. Merchandising – negotiate additional exposure for customers with cross-promotions, on-line exposure, on – air exposure, special events, on site station appearances, mascots, giveaways.

5. Paperwork – Evaluate and process all contracts and invoices for accuracy, fair spot rotation, bonus commercials, :60s and :10s. Call stations each day for approx. commercial times

6. Script writing and research of manufacturer co-op programs. Coordinate Production time @ TV and radio stations to record and produce radio and TV commercials as part of advertising schedules.

7. Market updates- changes in radio formats, new business opportunities.

8. Community involvement – updates with customers to be part of broadcast stations’ commitment to community events: MS Walk for Life, Special Olympics

9. Public Service Announcements – writing and facilitating announcements to radio and TV partners. Example: Maryland Seafood – October is Maryland Seafood Month.

10. Sports Marketing – Tie ins through contacts on the local sports scene – sportscasters: Tom Davis, Nasty Nestor along with celebrity sports memorabilia items: Gary Williams – Man2Man Show, Bruce Laird – Touchdown Baltimore, Jim Palmer – Take Me Out To The Ball Game.


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